Keep it Gangsta !

Keep it Gangsta !

In the world of cycling, innovation often takes center stage. But sometimes, it's the simpler things that bring the most joy. The Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta is one such gem, taking us back to a time when we owned Cyclope Bikes in Paris, back in 2008.

In those days, fixed gear bikes were all the rage, and the community was thriving, drawing inspiration from New York City messengers. The Gangsta V4 embodies that spirit.

Back then, the landscape of social networks was quite different from what it is today. In the absence of a social media frenzy, we would often organize screening sessions right in our store. We'd invite fellow cyclists and enthusiasts to come and watch cycling videos together. It was a unique way to build a sense of community, share our passion for the sport, and learn from the experiences and creativity of others in the cycling world. 

Films like "MASH SF" and "Macaframa" were absolute game-changers and among the most popular and influential in the community. These films captured the essence of the movement.

During the heyday of the fixed gear movement, it was less about showcasing expensive bike components on the internet and more about the pure joy of riding. The focus was on the experience, the freedom of the open road, and the thrill of mastering your bike.

List of components used : 

Crankset : Miche Pistard 2.0
Sprocket : Miche 
Headset : Brooklyn Machine Works w/ our own Medium Top Cap
Stem : Brooklyn Machine Works
Handlebar : W-Base Get Up High Bar
Grips : Oury V2
Saddle : Brooks C17
Seatpost : Brooklyn Machine Works
Seat Clamp : Brooklyn Machine Works
Wheels : Miche Pistard
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