Introducing the Eugene Fork.

Introducing the Eugene Fork.

In 1913, Eugene Christophe faced an unexpected ordeal that would become an emblem of his resilience. A broken fork threatened to end his journey, but through sheer determination and an unwavering commitment to his passion, he managed to repair the fork himself at a local blacksmith shop, continuing the race despite the odds stacked against him.

Crafted with modern engineering excellence, the Eugene Fork passes the rigorous ISO4210 tests with flying colors. This feat is a testament to its durability and reliability – qualities that would have undoubtedly eased Eugene Christophe's journey on that fateful day in 1913 (And also in 1919...)

Yearning to give your old 26" mountain bike a fresh twist? The Eugene Fork is your go-to solution. With a pocket-friendly price tag, it's your ticket to blending vintage charm with modern allure.

Guess what? The wait's almost over. Production is wrapping up, and these  forks will soon be yours to own. Whether you're conquering mighty mountains or cruising tranquil trails, the Eugene Fork is your steadfast companion.


Technical Info :

Offset : 43 mm
Steerer Tube Length : 310 mm
Axle to Crown : 402 mm
Crown Race Diameter : 30 mm
Tyre Size (Max.) : 26 x 2.6"
Rotor Size (Max.) : 203mm
Material : Steel (CrMo)
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