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"Eugene" Fork

"Eugene" Fork

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• Perfect to give your old 26" mountain bike a fresh twist. 
• Removable brake mounts.
• These come power coated in Black but feel free to sandblast them and have them repainted. 

Technical Info :

Axle : 100 x 9mm QR
Weight : 1.250 kg uncut
Offset : 43 mm
Steerer Tube Length : 310 mm
Axle to Crown : 402 mm
Crown Race Diameter : 30 mm
Tyre Size (Max.) : 26 x 2.6"
Rotor Size (Max.) : 203mm
Material : Steel (CrMo)

Made in Taïwan. 

Important Note :

An incorrect installation of the product can affect its operation and, consequently, that of your bike. A dangerous situation that could lead to injury or death may ensue. Therefore, it is imperative to use the proper tools for installation or seek professional assistance. Additionally, excessively worn components, showing cracks, deformations, or impacts, should be replaced immediately.

The cyclist should inspect their bike regularly to detect any potential damage and check the condition and tightness of all parts before each use. It is their responsibility to regularly examine the products to determine the need for maintenance or replacement of parts.

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